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— A husband & wife creation. Larissa and myself (Zackariah) designed the look and creative vision for Folk & Lore around love being pure and simple. I have been a career photographer since 2007. I am the principal photographer and will be your guide and friendly face in all things photography. 

Larissa and I push each other creatively, like geeking out on photography and eat way too much cake. We've lived to and fro from upstate New York to the dusty mountains of South-West Montana to the sand-in-your-shorts Gulf Coast. We currently live somewhere between Kentucky and no where in particular. Our past and questionable adventures (tracking polar bears in Northern Canada to eloping after a 2 ½ day engagement to climbing active volcanoes and swimming with sharks) have melted into the sticky, sweet goodness that is Folk & Lore. 

Our philosophy is simple - great photography takes more than an index finger and camera. Great photography takes life.

We love to meet folks with a passion for photography - and life.

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Zackariah // Principal Photographer

Zackariah // Principal Photographer

Larissa //   Associate Photographer

Larissa // Associate Photographer

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