Date/Location Planning with your Client

When planning a portrait session, we like to make ourselves available to shoot any time of day and at any location (within limits), while at the same time offer strong suggestions for best results. Of course, our recommendation to clients is that we shoot at an outdoor location, during daylight hours, or anywhere there is a lot of natural light. We love sunrise/sunset sessions, but they're not always accommodating to a client's schedule. We've initiated a conversation with the client around these suggestions and have provided any input we've received below, however you may need to take the reigns on choosing exact locations and times.

We often recommend setting a meeting time of approximately 30 minutes before you want to begin shooting. This allows for a little fudge time in case of travel delays, as well as offers you a few minutes to simply chat with them (camera tucked away) and get to know them a little before beginning. For extra credit, plan to meet in a nearby coffee shop and sit and chat for a bit before heading out.


Scouting For Your Portrait Session

You’re being compensated for travel and one additional hour to scout the location. Though you may do this any day before the shoot, it is absolutely acceptable if you plan instead to scout on the day of shoot. We just ask that you make absolutely certain that you arrive with enough time to scout - taking into consideration buffer time for travel hiccups.


Arrival On Portrait Session Shoot Day

Please be early to allow time for traffic delays, inaccurate addresses, finding parking, locating the client and the like. If you’re a procrastinator, like the rest of us, it’s best to just tell yourself that you need to be there an hour before you actually need to be. If you’re scouting on shoot day, that means to plan for:

- One hour of travel hiccups/parking/etc..

- One hour to scout.

- Plus the actual travel time.

Worst case scenario, you at least arrive on time. Best case scenario, you arrive early and have a few more minutes to scout for that award winning photograph!


The Session End:

Although portrait sessions are only scheduled to be between 1 - 2 hours long, it’s important that we remember three things before ending a session.

- Most importantly, give the client all of the time that they booked. If they booked 2 hours, and you feel that you’ve gotten everything that you’re going to get at 1 hour, keep shooting. Get creative. Experiment. Have fun.

- If the client appears agitated or anxious and/or mentions that they want to be done with the shoot, try your best to comfort them and capture what you can, but if they just want to be done, then let them be done.

- If you’re at the end of your scheduled time and the client wants to keep going, simply apologize and explain that you’re out of time for this shoot, however you’d be happy to schedule another shoot with them for another date and time. In this instance, please have them call/email us.


Post-Portrait Steps & Image Delivery

Because there are many fewer images with a portrait session, we use a third-party DropBox uploader for submitting your files. Turnaround time is absolutely key to Folk & Lore and our continued success. We strive to get portrait photos to editors within 1 - 2 days of the shoot. This means that image files must be uploaded as soon as possible. Files are large and depending on your internet connection, this could take several hours to complete. Please plan accordingly.

Portrait Shoot Workflow:

1) Photograph portraits.

2) Email us and let us know how it went and the # of images you shot.

3) Offload image files to your computer.

4) Upload files to our uploader here:

Upload Link: http://dbinbox.com/folkandlore

Access Code: ilovemesomefolk


Compensation & Payment Schedule

Upon accepting the photo gig as your own, you will receive ⅓ down payment of your total payout. The remainder will be paid once image files have been received by our editors. Payments usually go out on the day that the images are received and is paid via PayPal.



Client Billing

The client has already submitted a deposit through Folk & Lore's online billing system and has access to their invoice at any time via a private link that's been emailed to them. If any questions pop up regarding billing or making changes to their package, please direct them to email or call us and we'll be happy to help.


Client Agreement/Contract

The client has also already signed a photography agreement via the Folk & Lore electronic signature system. You may view our standard agreement at any time by clicking Folk & Lore Portrait Photography Agreement.


Swapping Contact Info

To help make yours and Folk & Lores’ client experience smoother and safer, we’ve changed how we share and display private email addresses. We’re always thinking about ways to give you more control over how and when your information is disclosed. And so we've created an email address for each photographer so that clients may email you at a Folk & Lore address, versus your private one. Any emails sent to this address will be forwarded to your private email address, so you don’t need to do anything differently.

Your new email forwarding address will simply be your first name--->  ______FolkandLore@gmail.com


Your Payment

As a reminder, payment will be paid in full (including travel stipend) via PayPal in the amount quoted to you via email after our F&L editors receive your drive with all of the wedding day image files.