Meet ‘n Greet Protocol

- Mark Your Calendar: Be sure to add the meeting and wedding date to your calendar.

- Skype Specific: Find A Quiet Location: Consider location and light. It's important to not call the client in a public area such as a coffee shop or somewhere that could be noisy, unpredictable, or potentially unprofessional. It’s also good to make sure there's plenty of light to see your happy shining face.

- Be Early: Please be ready for the client meeting (at least) 10 minutes before start-time to make sure you have everything set up correctly and ready to go.

- Skype Specific: Add To Contacts: You'll be the one initiating the call. To do so, you'll need to add them as a contact. You'll find their Skype name listed below. To learn more about adding contacts click here (Mac or Windows).

- Take Notes: Be ready to take notes and have a few questions prepared. We recommend asking a few getting to know them questions first to lighten the mood (ie; Where are you both from? How did you meet? How long have you been together?). Keep it casual, friendly, and genuine. There's no pressure here. The true meaning behind this call isn't to talk technicalities so much as it is for you both to become comfortable with each other and get to know one another. Beyond that, the only real important question that you'll want to verify is - "When and where would you like me to show up?"

- Be Honest: It's important to note that we want you to just be yourself. Be open, candid and honest. We're not hiding any of the facts about Folk & Lore, its infancy, or even the fact that you're new to Folk & Lore. If you're asked a question that you don't know the answer to, we encourage you to simply explain that you're not sure but that you'll take note and find out.


Scouting For Wedding Day

You’re being compensated for travel and one additional hour to scout the location. Though we recommend doing this prior to wedding day (rehearsal time works best), we’re okay if you plan instead to scout on the day of wedding day. We just ask that you make absolutely certain that you arrive with enough time to scout - taking into consideration buffer time for travel hiccups.


Arrival On Wedding Day

Please be early to allow time for traffic delays, inaccurate addresses, finding parking, locating the wedding party and the like. If you’re a procrastinator like the rest of us, it’s best to just tell yourself that you need to be there an hour before you actually need to be. If you’re scouting on wedding day, that means to plan for:

- One hour of travel hiccups/parking/etc..

- One hour to scout.

- Plus the actual travel time.

Worst case scenario, you at least arrive on time. Best case scenario, you arrive early and have a few more minutes to scout for that award winning photograph!


Camera Date/Time // Partner Sync

1) Double check that your camera is set to the appropriate date and time.

2) If shooting with a partner, snap a photo together before you begin. By this, I mean a photo of something that we can use for syncing the gallery during post. Most commonly, Larissa and I will count to three and snap a photo of each other. Some people take a photo of their watch or the time on their phones.


How To End Coverage:

F&L clients book us for a set amount of time. We often encourage clients to book a little more time than they think they’ll need, just in case. Most of the time, coverage time ends sometime during the latter part of the reception when one of two instances occurs: 1) the couple makes their grand exit or 2) your hours of coverage are complete. In the case of  #1, the couple’s exit marks the end of the day and guests begin clean up/leaving. So we follow suit. On rare occasions, the party continues even once the couple has left. If you have time remaining, keep shooting until coverage ends (then slip out the door) or the guests/DJ throws in the towel (which ever happens first). In the instance of #2 (coverage time ends while the couple is still present), we simply discreetly approach the couple, let them know our coverage is complete, thank them for including us and ask if there’s anything we can do before leaving. You can also let them know they will be receiving an email with a timeline on what to expect for photo delivery (we will follow up).

Every so often, a client decides to release their photographers early. In this instance, you are still paid for the amount of time you were booked for.


Post-Wedding Steps & Image Delivery

Turnaround time is absolutely key to Folk & Lore our continued success. We strive to get photos to editors within 3-4 days of the wedding. This means that image files must be in the mail by the next business day.


1) Photograph wedding.

2) Email us and let us know how it went and the # of images you shot.

3) Offload image files to your computer.

4) Copy files to the provided flash drive. (RAW, unedited, un-renamed files)

5) Package/Mail drive to F&L editors with following label:

Folk & Lore

Client: Name #1 & Name #2

1256 Cannonball Way

Independence, KY 41051


Compensation & Payment Schedule

Upon accepting the photo gig as your own, you will receive ⅓ down payment of your total payout. The remainder will be paid once image files have been received by our editors. Payments usually go out on the day that the images are received and is paid via PayPal.




Client Billing

The client has already submitted a deposit through Folk & Lore's online billing system and has access to their invoice at any time via a private link that's been emailed to them. If any questions pop up regarding billing or making changes to their package, please direct them to email or call us and we'll be happy to help.


Client Agreement/Contract

The client has also already signed a photography agreement via the Folk & Lore electronic signature system. You may view our standard agreement at any time by clicking Folk & Lore Wedding Photography Agreement.


Swapping Contact Info

To help make yours and Folk & Lores’ client experience smoother and safer, we’ve changed how we share and display private email addresses. We’re always thinking about ways to give you more control over how and when your information is disclosed. And so we've created an email address for each photographer so that clients may email you at a Folk & Lore address, versus your private one. Any emails sent to this address will be forwarded to your private email address, so you don’t need to do anything differently.

Your new email forwarding address will simply be your first name--->  ______FolkandLore@gmail.com