about us

Getting to know one another is a two-way street. Folk & Lore is a husband and wife creation. We push each other creatively, like geeking out on photography and eat way too much BBQ. Larissa and I (Zackariah) designed the look and creative vision for Folk & Lore around love being pure and simple. Again, my name is Zackariah. I am the founder and principal photographer here at Folk & Lore and will be your lead photographer, guide, planner, assistant and friendly face in all things photography. So feel free to ask any questions you may have along the way. I'm here to help.

our role

It may go without saying, but when it comes to photography, there are many different styles and approaches. Ours is simple: We don’t mess with the love. By that I mean, that we see ourselves as documentarians. We are there not to bend, pose and dictate, but rather we are there capture the genuine and authentic moments of you, your family, your friends, as they unfold naturally. 

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how we're different

An important distinction between us and many of our fellow photographers is that although we understand that there may be some moments that need our intervention and guidance, (ie; group formals) our main focus is not fretting over photographic pose lists and organized shoots, but on simply journaling the real, authentic, unplanned, unscheduled moments of you and your family laughing, hugging, walking hand and hand, and just being you! Our goal is that when you think back to this day, that you don't even really remember a photo shoot, but instead that your memories are of your family and enjoying each others time together.

Pricing & AVailability

Choosing a photographer can be challenging. There are so many talented artists out there. Please take your time and follow your heart.

Currently, I photograph all over the United States. No two sessions are ever the same. However, I aim to make this easy. A pure and simple portrait session for a couple, family or individual starts at $675. Family reunion events, multi-family and large group sessions begin at $875.

We are a full-service studio and do all of our work in-house. To ensure the highest quality, bookings are limited per season. To apply for a reservation, please email Zackariah at zack@folkandlore.co or click here to view our availability. For bookings outside of the Cincinnati metropolitan area, please contact Zackariah directly for extended availability.