MeeT larissa.

My name is Larissa, co-founder, creative director and associate photographer of Folk & Lore.

I am a thirty-something writer from South Texas along the Gulf Coast. My husband, Zack, is a country boy from the rolling Ohio hills. Once upon a time in upstate New York, two twenty-one-year olds, having known each other for only a couple short months, looked up a clergyman in the yellow pages, ran off in a rainstorm together and eloped at a church across the street from a KFC. We never looked back. Together we’ve traveled the globe and lived all over the US, creating stories and having adventures. We’ve held jobs ranging from firefighter/medic to party clown to knife salesman to advertising executive. However, in recent years, we each dedicated ourselves to our passion: the creative arts. Since 2007, we’ve been photographing weddings with the excitement of two twenty-one-year olds eloping in the rain.


In heart and mind, we are both outdoor enthusiasts with reclusive tendencies who spend a lot of time imagining what life would be like in a remote cabin in the mountains. We love people, but crave our quiet time. Larissa enjoys to read, garden, play puzzle games, and have peculiar conversations with our adopted dog and cat. I revel in reticent time spent in nature, playing indie video games, primitive camping, watching minimalist documentaries and dabbling with tech startups.

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We currently call the Midwest home to be close to family. Folk & Lore is the lovechild of our hopes, philosophies and creative pursuits. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Over the past almost twelve years that we’ve been married, we've moved and lived in fourteen places across the United States, including upstate New York, rural Ohio, uptown Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Paul, South Dakota, Virginia, rural Southwestern Montana and Northern Kentucky just south of the Cincinnati metro.

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