MeeT mara.

Mara [mair-uh], the newest addition to Folk & Lore, outshines most in both experience in life and in art. Raised in an honest-to-goodness teepee in the perilous wilds of the Colorado Rockies, Mara’s life story and kindly personality knead together into what most of us journalistic photographers only dream of.

Mara graduated from the University of Colorado in 2009 with a degree in journalism, specializing in photojournalism. Mara later moved to New York, where she’s pursued a career in film and television working as a photographer, producer and editor.

Storytelling lives in Mara’s blood. It’s what she does. It’s what she was born to do and takes her craft very seriously. So serious, in fact, that after meeting a talented storytelling Scottish cinematographer, she ran off with him and eloped.

After meeting Mara, you’ll immediately understand why we were so drawn to her. Raw talent and skill aside, Mara is down to earth, even keel, confident, and hard working. We are thrilled that we have found each other and know that you’ll feel the same.

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