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F&L's Associate Photographers

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Please feel free to use this simple coverage calculator to estimate your investment into your Folk & Lore wedding photography with one of our hand-selected Lead Photographers and Second Shooters.

For a complete custom quote, please contact us at any time.

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Included in every wedding photography package:

+ Scout: On location scout and pre-plan.

+ Photography Coverage: Between six and twelve hours of coverage with between one and two photographers (one Lead Photographer and one Second Shooter) with no limit to the number of photos taken.

+ Processing/File Prep: All final images backed up, culled and converted from RAW format into printable digital images.

+ Color Correction: Professional color correction of all images into Folk & Lore's uniquely classic style.

+ Retouching: Final images are retouched by hand, which may include spot removal, gradients, and/or light enhancements.

+ Viewing/Ordering: All final wedding day images placed in a private online proof gallery for viewing, sharing and optional print purchasing right from within your gallery.

+ Digital Negatives: All final high resolution wedding day images are prepped for hi-definition, watermark-free, personal printing and delivered directly to your computer via a simple digital download.

Photo License: You'll receive a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license releasing printing restrictions for personal reproduction of all wedding day images so that you may take your images and print them anywhere you'd like.

*Travel: Please note that travel costs are not included in this simple estimate. For a full custom quote, please contact us at any time.

Below are a few frequently asked questions from our FAQ page.

Q: “How much coverage time do you recommend?”

A: We tell folks not to fret over this. We can always add or remove coverage time as needed after you’ve booked, but before wedding day. From our experience, we've learned most weddings fall into one of two categories: All day or half day. All day coverage covers about 95% of weddings and provides up to twelve hours of photography coverage. This is by far our most popular option as it grants a certain peace of mind in knowing that you'll have professional photography from morning to night. We prefer to shoot all day because it allows us to capture a wide range of events throughout the day, including lesser known and more intimate moments. Plus, there's no rush in the timeline and no worries when scheduled events run late. A half day covers up to six hours and is suited well for those with especially small or shorter weddings, and/or those with a more modest budget.

Q: “Do you provide partial day coverage?”

A: Our most popular option is our All Day Coverage. This ensures up to twelve hours of coverage. For smaller and/or shorter wedding days, we do offer a six hour option. However, we can also do anything in between.

Q: “Which do you recommend: having one photographer for a longer length of time or two photographers for a shorter period?”

A: We offer both single and double photographer options, which is right for you depends on your day. While all of our photographers are comfortable shooting solo, we recommend and certainly prefer to shoot as a two photographer team. This allows us to be in two places at once, capture more angles, produce more final images and allows for quicker transitions between events. On the other hand, some weddings are modest in size, may be held in a smaller venue or may simply not require the scope of a two photographer team, in which case we would recommend a single photographer. A single photographer for a longer time length will capture more of the day, while two photographers for a shorter period will capture less of the day, but from more angles. Either option will likely result in a similar number of final images.

Q: “How is travel calculated? What if there's a ferry? What if I’m getting married in Marrakech?”

A: We love to travel near and far. It's for this reason that we charge only the bare minimum to help us accommodate your shoot. Travel is assessed per event and using the IRS automobile rate of $0.56 per mile. If your wedding or portrait session includes travel by train, plane, ferry boat or other mode of transport (balloon, camel, donkey, etc.), then we calculate each of those instances separately and include the cost in your custom quote. To make this process easy, we simply ask that you mention each location that you’d like us to visit on your big day. We’ll do all the math and present it in your custom quote.

Q: “What is the difference between a Principal Photographer, Lead Photographer, and Second Shooter?”

A: Our Principal Photographers are Zack & Larissa. They are the founders and most senior photographers on the Folk & Lore team. Our associate photographers are all equally experienced and qualified and depending on how many photographers you'd like, will either act as your Lead Photographer or Second Shooter. Lead photographers are just that, they take the lead, have more responsibilities, and the ones that you'll be in contact with before your wedding day to plan the photography for your wedding day. Second Shooters do just as much work on wedding day and are there to not only assist the Lead Photographer but more importantly cover twice the angles and capture twice the moments.   

Please visit our FAQ page for the answers to many more frequently asked questions.

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